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Twitter Handle
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Example of Class Use
Pinehill School
Room 14
Albany, NZ
Year 5

Amy McCauley:

Class Wiki
Students tweet during the day about what is going on. We have discussed guidelines about using the class twitter account(e.g. put their name after the tweet).
Hackham East Primary:
Mr Lamshed's Class
Adelaide, Sth Aust
Year 6/7
Jarrod Lamshed:
Live tweets from the classroom. Looking at connecting with classes globally.
Spalding Catholic
Krebs' Class
Year 7/8
Denise Krebs
I'm still trying to figure out how to use Twitter for class use. Sometimes we shared what we were up to, but mostly just sent out tweets when we updated our Krebs' Class Blogs page.
Major School, Grade 7 and 8 Class
Major, Saskatchewan Canada
Grade 7 & 8
Mavis Hoffman
We will be back to school Sept 4th. Then we will be tweeting about what we're doing in the classroom daily. Would love to connect with others classes.
Hartland South Elementary, Grade 4 Reading and Writing
Hartland, Wisconsin
Grade 4
Jen Brieske
This is my "teacher" Twitter handle. I'm looking to connect with other educators and classrooms.
REACH, Grades 2-6, Gifted
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Grades 2-6
Class Blog:
We are gifted classes looking to connect & collaborate w/others around the globe.
Haawthorndene Primary - Pam's Class - Room 13
Adelaide, Sth Aust
Year 6/7
Pam Thompson
Not used twitter much with class yet but investigating use and possibilities
Martin J. Gottlieb Day School
Jacksonville, Florida/USA
5th Grade
We are a 5th grade class at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. Follow we are learning in the 21st Century.
Spaulding Middle/
Mrs. J's Tigers
South Carolina, USA
@mrsjstigers (in progress)
Carla Jefferson
My classroom twitter handle is in the works...looking forward to connecting with other classes globally.
Boyden Elem
Room 310
New England, USA
This will be my first year using twitter with my fourth graders. Hoping to connect with others and share what's happening in our grade 4 class.
Birmingham, AL
Audrey Fine @teachfine
We will be tweeting about what is going on in our class and would like to connect with others.
Rock Quarry Middle School/ Ramsay's Class
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
Julie D. Ramsay
This will be our 5th year to use Twitter in the classroom. In addition to giving parents a window into our class activities and news throughout the school day, we love to connect with other classes. Those connections to students around the world always prove to be the most powerful learning experiences. It gives everyone a voice. We've connected through hashtags for the Global Read Aloud, National Day of Writing and published Twitter book reports with other classes. We would love to connect with you.
West De Pere Middle School; Kohl's Class; Sheila Kohl
De Pere, WI
6th grade science; but we tweet about current events too.
We tweet discoveries, retweet science findings, and follow people we find interesting.
Ancaster Meadow School; Miss Dunsiger's Class
Ancaster, ON

(I was Gr. 1/2 last year, so these accounts were used by my 1's and 2's, but now will be used by my Gr. 6's. Names just changed.)
Gr. 6 -- All subject areas
Professional Blog -

Class Website - - Currently hasn't been updated for Gr. 6 yet
Looking at using Twitter for Multiple Choice Mondays -- will help review content and prepare for EQAO as well. Will tweet out Multiple Choice questions ... students will share their guesses and the correct answers over Twitter. All are welcome to join in. Will focus primarily on Math and Language.

Also hoping to use Twitter for class chats on different subject areas (primarily Science and Social Studies). Students can share what they've learned and ask questions and gain information from others.
Brooksbank Elementary, Leslie McGuire's class
North Vancouver, BC

@ leslie_mcguire
Great ideas here, looking forward to connecting
Cornelia Elementary School
Mr. Erickson's Fourth Grade Classroom
Edina, Minnesota, USA
Terry F Erickson
My Classroom Web Page
I am looking forward to tweeting with other classrooms throughout the year.
Bissonet Plaza
Paula Naugle's
Fourth Grade
New Orleans, LA
@plnaugle (teacher)
Paula L. Naugle
Classroom Blog
Professional Blog
Class Wiki
In the past we have used my personal Twitter account and one set up by our district to send tweets about special projects we are doing, such as Skype calls and field trips. I am looking to expand my use of Twitter in the classroom, and will eventually set up a class account.
Nespelem School
Sheri Edwards's Language Arts Classes and School District
Nespelem, WA
6, 7, 8
@grammasheri (personal)
@nsdedwards (teacher)
@nsdeagles (class and district )
Sheri Edwards

Teacher Newsletter Blog
Teacher Blog
Class Blog
@nsdedwards (teacher) I tweet edu info.
@nsdeagles (class and district ) I tweet District info. Students tweet about what we do in class.
Pinehill School
Albany, Auckland, NZ
Year 5
@Pinehill10 (class)
@dsmithnz75 (teacher)
Dana Smith
Have class twitter account, but students not motivated (seem to be more enthusiastic about wiki pages). Would like to connect with other classes so students become more aware of global community.
Thomas Middle School
Arlington Heights, IL
Joy Kirr
We have an account, but students aren't motivated to use it yet. Sometimes I tweet out a great blog post or picture from the students, or a celebration of sorts.
Grey Main School
Greymouth, NZ
Jacinda Panther
Brand new to twitter in the class.
Beachlands School

Cherokee Bend Elementary;
Ann Marie Corgill's Fourth Grade
Birmingham, AL
We have a class Twitter account and want to use it to connect with students all over the world.